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The Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra extends a heartfelt thank you to the individuals, foundations, corporations, and granting agencies that supported our 2017 - 2018 Season.

Friends of BSYO

Chris and Lisa McAlpine
Linda Fern Davis
Elaina Garvin
Petals Flower and Gift Shoppes
Kristensen Foundation
United Way of Brevard - BCA


Maestro's Circle

Cocoa Beach Daybreak Rotary Club

Ted and Marilyn Dienst

From Olives and Grapes

HR 4 Small Business
Peter and Cynthia Johnson
John and Margo Lozito
Fred and Kendall Martin
Rush Construction
Lanny and Patricia Ryan
Sullivans Jewelers



Atlantic Strings
Don and Janet Forrer
Michael and Carole Gatto
Parrish Medical Center
Jack and Cathy Rood
The Horn Section
The Viera Company
Karen and John Windsor


Principal Chair

Peter and Barbara Bradt
Richard and Carolyn Baney
Jim and Sandy Bryan
Jack and Carol Clark
Louis and Kim Copertino
Patrick and Nicole Davanzo
Bob and Patti DiBella
John and Sheila King
Nancy Kronman
Steven and Patricia Lomazzo
Kathleen Lopez
Connie McGinley
Melbourne Rialto Hilton
Debra Pavlakos
Robert and Maria Seelman
Marilyn Tremper

Supporting Players

Richard and Linda Brace
Ann Marie Brush
Patricia Bursey
Canaveral Council of Technical Societies
Linda Coffee
Susan Coggins
Fran Delisle
Bill and Elizabeth Cote
Eunice Davis
Fran Delisle
Barbara Dingwell
Allen and Rebecca Dukes
Madeline Fielding
Robert and Judith Garrett
Janice Geach
David Gettings
Anthony and Ashley Giganti
Sheila Gurr
Curtis and Roxanne Guy
Lauri Hart
Angela Hebert
Bonnie Hodge
Francis Howard
Gerald and Barbara Jagrowski
Tory Summer Jordan
Martha Kirby
Stan and Annette Kirschner
Glad Kurian
Robert Lamb
Laureate Alpa Nu Charter
Barbara Mason
Katherine McQueen
Linda Murphy
Jackie Pantello
Cloud and Frances Pawtowski
Publix Supermarkets
Tamara Sandberg
Satcom Direct
Kay Snow
Betty-Lou Steen-Clarke
Lorie Wacaster
Edy Williams
Denise Wilkson

Contact Us

Phone: 321.216.7804
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 360553,
Melbourne, FL 32936

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A Big Thank You! to all our Sponsors for your generous support of BSYO Summer Camp 2019

Eleanor Baird Kristensen Foundation  

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