BSYO Concerto Competition- Rules 

        The competition is open only to BSYO Chamber orchestra students in good standing. 

        Students may only enter on the instrument they play in the BSYO. 

        Winners from previous year’s Concerto Competition are ineligible to apply on the same               instrument, but may enter on a different instrument. 

        Applicants should choose one (1) movement from a concerto or similar work.

        The artistic staff will approve all selections. Students will be notified within one week if               the piece is accepted for the competition.

        Applicants must submit the official application properly signed by the applicant,

        the applicant’s teacher and his or her parent or guardian no later than November 17,2018.

        No late entries will be accepted. 

         Judging will take place on January 27,2020.  Piano accompaniment is required.

         Students are responsible for securing an accompanist.

         BSYO will compensate the accompanist for the time spent on January 22, 2018

         for the competition.

         The Judges’ decisions will be considered final. 

         Winner will perform as a soloist with orchestral accompaniment in
 the Final Concert

         on May 3, 2020.

         Failure to comply with these rules and with any supplemental rules issued by the

         BSYO can result in the disqualification of the applicant. 

         Application and interpretation of the above rules shall be at the sole discretion

         of the BSYO Artistic and Administrative Directors.

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