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Attendance Policy

BSYO students are permitted a total of two (2) non-consecutive absences per semester.  Absence from Dress Rehearsal is not permitted, and the student will not be permitted to perform in that concert.  

Students should arrive at rehearsals at least ten minutes prior to a rehearsal and be tuned and ready to play on time.  You are late if you are not in your seat when the rehearsal begins.  Three late arrivals equals one absence.  

String Seating Policy

Each member's placement in the orchestra will be based upon audition results, degree of past participation, and leadership qualities.  Individual assignments will be made by the conductor to best fulfill the needs of the orchestra.  Members who do not perform to acceptable standards as set by the conductor will be reassigned or excluded from performances.  

At the discretion of the conductors, changes of chair positions or rotation of parts may occur. 

Members selected to fill vacancies in an orchestra after the initial auditions will be placed to fill specific vacancies or at the end of the section

Tuition Policies

No qualifying students will be turned away from BSYO because of an inibility to pay tuition.  BSYO fundraises to provide tuition assistance for musicians whose families demonstrate need.

Tuition rates for the current season are:

  • String Ensemble $400

  • Festivo: $500

  • Chamber Orchestra: $500

  • Symphony Orchestra: $500

A registration fee of $25 is due at the time of your audition.  That fee is deducted from the total tuition due. 

Tuition balance may be paid:  

  1.  one payment at the beginning of the season

  2.  two payments on the following schedule:  

    1. First semester balance due on or before September 16, 2024​

    2. Second semester balance due on or before January 27, 2025

  3. Smaller amounts on a personalized schedule arranged with the Director.

Tuition is 50% refundable until October 7, 2024


It is the hope of the Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra Conductors and Staff that no qualifying student will be unable to participate because of financial need.  Anyone for whom these options present a financial hardship should apply for a scholarship.  Applications are due to the BSYO office at the time of registration. Scholarship applications can be found here: SCHOLARSHIPS.  Email with any questions or to discuss your specific situation.

Important to Remember

As stated in the registration agreement, registration creates a commitment to pay for the entire season.   Failure to pay tuition in a timely manner will result in a penalty as determined appropriate by the Director.  This could include late fees, removal from concert programs, and/or exclusion from rehearsals or concerts.  No member will be allowed to schedule an audition for the next season until all financial obligations for the current season have been met. 

These policies have been established to create the very best musical learning opportunity for your musician and we appreciate your support!

Dress Code

Rehearsal attire:  Casual but modest attire is appropriate.

Concert attire for all orchestras:​


  • Black dress with sleeves (no bare shoulders or spaghetti straps). Black dresses should extend past the knee (midi length or longer is appropriate)

  • Alternatively, black blouse with sleeves (no bare midriff) and long black dress pants or black skirt (midi length or longer)

  • Black hose

  • Black shoes


  • Black long sleeve shirt

  • Black tie

  • Black socks and black shoes

Hair should be arranged off your face for concerts.  Please refrain from wearing cologne or perfume on stage.

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